Sporting Club Event Hire

Holding an event to help with team building for your sports club? Wind ups? Sign up days? Celebrating a milestone for your club? Fundraising? Or just a fun day to appreciate your members? Whatever it is, you can make it as fun and lively as can get with some easy ideas.

sporting club event ideas
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While some people will want to go at it at your sports club’s golf course, why not make accomodations for those who’d prefer something “less” with our mini golf course. You won’t need a caddy for this, and its just as much fun, as the course is lined with exciting obstacles.

Still on obstacles, hire any one or more of our inflatable obstacle courses for hours of endless fun with your team. Pair that with sports and interactive inflatables.

If you are hosting a fundraiser for your sports club, don’t let the exciting dunk tank  miss from your list of must-have hires. Have a recognized and respected member of your sports club take center stage on the dunk tank seat for harmless yet very exhilarating water fun.

Partner with local businesses for mutually beneficial sponsorships.  You can get creative with the sponsored challenges and steer away from the typical marathons and walks.  Do a stair climbs challenge, or cycling around the neighbourhood, among other great ideas.

Play to your advantage and do what you already do. Organize an exhibition match and play a friendly match against a local rival. It can be a one-off game, or a mini-tournamenent. This is a great idea for donations, as you can ask for donations in addition to the entry fee. It is also perfect for showcasing to potential new members what you are about as a sports club.

All that fast-paced action and your event’s attendees will no doubt get hungry and thirsty fast. Hire fun food machines so they can quickly grab a bite and drink when they want.