Boxing Kangaroo Costume
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Boxing Kangaroo Costume

FROM $ 350.00

🦘 Unleash the Spirit with Our Boxing Kangaroo Suit!
Step into the world of fun and excitement with our professionally manufactured kangaroo suit, complete with an inbuilt cooling system and fan. Embody the spirit of the 2000 Sydney Olympics mascot!

❄️ Stay Cool with Advanced Cooling Technology:
Designed for your comfort, our kangaroo suit features an inbuilt cooling system and fan, ensuring you stay cool even on the hottest days. Beat the heat and bring the party to life!

🌑️ Temperature-Friendly Recommendations:
While the cooling vest and fan offer relief, we recommend managing sessions of 15 minutes with corresponding 15-minute breaks to ensure the wearer’s comfort. Alternatively, having two individuals on hand allows for seamless transitions, ensuring everyone stays comfortable and entertained.

πŸŽ‰ Perfect for Events and Entertainment:
Ideal for events, parties, and sports gatherings, the Boxing Kangaroo Suit adds a unique and lively touch to any occasion. Capture the essence of the Sydney Olympics and create memorable moments with this iconic mascot.

🦘 Note:
Embrace the fun, but remember, even with advanced cooling features, wearing the kangaroo suit can be challenging on hot days. Follow our recommendations to ensure everyone enjoys the experience while staying cool and energized!


Suit Only: $350 + GST per day

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