Weather Refund Policy


1. Scattered showers are fine, but if the weather forecasts 60% chance of heavy rain throughout the whole day, winds exceeding 30km per hour or temperatures over 38 degrees we may have to cancel the delivery for safety reasons. If you would like to make changes, there is no fee to cancel as long as you inform us before 12 NOON the day before the event.

2. Once we have confirmation to proceed with the booking, we have to pay our team for their hard work and therefore we require full payment regardless of use.  Our main safety concern is wind.  When winds go higher than approx. 30km per hour, inflatables become unsafe regardless of our tie down methods.  If you are concerned, please call our office.

3. In the event of bad weather occuring during your booking, it will be at the company’s discretion to pack away the equipment. The full invoiced amount will be payable to the company.

4. In the event of forecasted bad weather, it is the customer’s responsibility to organise suitable shelter or provisions for the equipment. It suitable provisions are not made and the equipment can’t be used, the customer is liable for full payment.


Cancellation must be done in email. If your event is scheduled the next day, we only accept cancellations via SMS.

Any weather cancellations or change of time to your delivery MUST be made by 12 Noon the day before your event . If no cancellations are made then we will proceed with the booking. Once the decision has been made to proceed with the booking, we will not be able to issue any refunds regardless of use. If you would like to change the date/times or cancel the booking, please reply to this email or call Ken on 0406 161 959 before 12 noon.


Inflatables and Mechanical Rides : The customer may terminate this agreement by delivery of a written notice to Perth Bouncy Castle Hire not later than twenty-eight (28) days before the date of the booking. Full refunds will only be made if you cancel or make any changes to the date of the event due to bad weather conditions (please refer to our Wet Weather and High Winds Clause above). If you simply change your mind, cancellations within twenty-eight (28) days of the event date, will incur the loss of deposit amount (50% of the total invoice). That amount can be used as credit for another booking within 12 months of the cancellation. Bookings canceled within fourteen (14) days of the event date will forfeit the entire invoiced amount in respect of any canceled arrangements.

Entertainers: The customer may terminate this agreement by delivery of written notice to Perth Bouncy Castle Hire not later than seven (70days before the date of the booking. Bookings canceled within seven (7) days of the event will forfeit the entire invoiced amount. Wet Weather And High Winds Policy do not apply to Entertainers.


If your event is being held at a public place, it is YOUR responsibility to make the application to the local council and get the approval. Perth Bouncy Castle Hire has all the relevant documents available to you upon request to ensure your application is successful.

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