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Welcome to the foam party category at Perth Bouncy Castle Hire! Here, you’ll find a variety of foam machines and accessories to add some slippery, sudsy fun to your next event.

One of our most popular foam party products is the foam cannon. This powerful machine shoots out a stream of foam, creating a foam pit that’s perfect for kids (and adults!) to play in.

For even more foam fun, check out our foam pit. This large inflatable pit is filled with foam, providing a soft and safe place for kids (and adults!) to play and slide around.

And if you really want to take your foam party to the next level, check out our hanging foam machine. This unique machine hangs from a frame or truss and produces a constant stream of foam, creating a foam “curtain” for your guests to play in.

These foam machines are suitable for a variety of events, including kids parties, adult parties, corporate events, youth groups, fun runs, mud runs, and colour runs. So why wait? Start planning your next foam party today and add one of these exciting products to your lineup!

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