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Organising a colour run in Perth? Here are some suitable products that haven been proven popular at colour runs all around Perth.

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Our foam cannon is a must-have for your colour run.  This top-quality machine can fill up a large area within a few minutes. Choose your colours and we will make it happen for you. Participants will have so much fun walking in the coloured foam.

You will need race kits for the participants. A quality t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses is perfect. Throw in color blaze stickers and everyone will be all set.  

At every colour zone, there will be colour bandits waiting to pelt the participants with some colour powder. Why not get started even before the run begins? Get your game face on with professional and excellent face painting. Everyone gets to pick from many unique and fun face paint designs, and which will still show even beneath all the layers of colour powder they’ll get as they pass through the various colour zones.

After a fun run, everyone will be more than happy to have a refreshing drink for the cool down. It doesn’t have to just be water. A cold drink at the water station at the finish line from our slushie machine rentals will do just the trick. Everyone can enjoy the drink as they catch their breath after the run and catch up with others at the event.

Set up a photo booth at the finish line. Have everyone share as many of the photos taken from the event under a custom hashtag. They can link back to your event, and you can be sure that with enough buzz around your colour run, the next one will be an even bigger success.