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Downpour Derby
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Downpour Derby

FROM $ 650.00

Downpour Derby: The Ultimate Wet Challenge!

Prepare for a thrilling wet and wild experience with Downpour Derby – the ultimate interactive attraction designed for any events, including schools, sports clubs, corporate gatherings, and community celebrations! If you’re looking for an exciting alternative to traditional dunk tanks or a fantastic add-on for water fun events, Downpour Derby is your perfect choice.

🌊 How to Play 🌊

Downpour Derby is an adrenaline-pumping challenge where competitors face off to see who can crank their handle the fastest and fill their opponent’s bucket before getting drenched themselves. The game is simple, but the excitement is off the charts!

  1. The Challenge: Two opponents stand beside their buckets, each poised above the other’s head, ready for the ultimate showdown.
  2. Crank the Handle: The countdown begins as both players crank their handles with lightning speed, racing to outfill their rival’s bucket before facing the inevitable deluge.
  3. Intense Competition: It’s a high-stakes battle of speed, strategy, and skill, with the thrill of competition electrifying the atmosphere.
  4. The Grand Splash: As the buckets fill up, the tension skyrockets, and then… SPLASH! The losing player gets a drenching they won’t soon forget.
  5. No Surrender: But the fun doesn’t end there! Even if you lose, you can keep cranking to ensure your opponent gets their share of the watery challenge.

πŸ† The Ultimate Wet Challenge πŸ†

Downpour Derby is the perfect addition to any events, bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of camaraderie, excitement, and unforgettable memories. It’s a fantastic alternative to traditional dunk tanks and a superb add-on for water-themed events, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all.

Whether you’re planning a school event, sports club gathering, corporate team-building exercise, or a community-wide celebration, Downpour Derby will leave everyone talking about the incredible fun they had. Embrace the splash and dive into the wet and wild world of Downpour Derby at your next big event!


SPACE REQUIRED: 5m x 5m (L x W)

ACCESS: 1.2m Flat Access

WATER: 1 x water tap (no more than 20m away)


3 hours for $650 + $150 per extra hour (plus GST)

OPERATION: PBCH Trained supervisors are required at additional costs

Delivery fees may apply to some areas

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