Carnival Throwing Frame Games Package
Carnival Throwing 5 Games Package
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Carnival Throwing 5 Games Package

FROM $ 400.00

Bring the excitement of the carnival to your event with the Carnival Throwing 5 Games Package! Perfect for birthday parties, school fundraisers, company fun days, community gatherings, or any event that calls for unforgettable fun and entertainment. This incredible package includes five classic carnival games that will engage children and adults alike, creating an atmosphere of laughter and friendly competition.

Ring a Bull: Challenge children to test their aim and coordination as they toss rings onto a bull’s horns. This game is a fantastic way to enhance hand-eye skills while adding a touch of carnival flair to your event. Watch as the kids cheer each other on and aim for the highest scores!

Ring Toss: Step right up and try your luck with this timeless carnival game. Engaging for children of all ages, Ring Toss will have them hooked as they toss rings onto pegs and compete to see who can score the most points. Set up multiple ring toss stations and let the friendly competition begin!

Chucka Chicken: Prepare for laughter and amusement with this hilarious game. Launch rubber chickens onto a target board and witness the joy as children giggle and cheer, trying to land their chickens in the right spots. Chucka Chicken adds a playful and whimsical touch to your carnival fun day.

Ball in a Bucket: You’ve seen it at the Royal Show. Test your children’s skills and precision with this addictive game. Participants aim to toss balls into the bucket. It’s a simple yet engaging game that encourages healthy competition and helps improve hand-eye coordination. Get the kids excited as they try to master the art of tossing balls into the buckets!

Duckla: Quack your way to victory with this game of chance and strategy. Children use throw hooks on the ducks to win, adding an element of fun and anticipation to your carnival event. Duckla is perfect for kids of all ages and guarantees endless amusement.

With these thrilling games, you’ll create an unforgettable experience, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone who participates. Don’t miss out on the chance to add a dash of carnival magic to your next event!


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