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5 Easy Tips for the Best Experience When Hiring a Water Slide

Not much else beats wet slides and water games when you are looking to cool off while having some wholesome fun during those hot summer days. Whether you are hanging out with a few friends and family out in the backyard or hosting a big work or community event, water slides are just the perfect addition to your entertainment mix.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Slide Size

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire carries water slides in a wide range of sizes and features. There are different types of inflatable waterslides available:

  • Dual Lane Water Slides
  • Single Lane Water Slides
  • Pool Landing or Splash Landing

Depending on how many attendees you would want to choose the right one based on that. Ask about age limits and maximum capacity before booking your water slide to ensure you get a rental best suited for your party or event. Consider the height of the water slide as well when booking a waterslide.

Tip 2: Access to Water and Electricity

The water slides will need running water for as long as they are up. You need not worry about any special connections as your typical residential water connection and a water hose of suitable length should be enough. With a steady water supply, you can be sure your guests will enjoy smooth and safe sliding.

As with other inflatables in the diverse party and event product range, your water slide rental needs to be plugged in. If your preferred set-up location isn’t near an electric outlet, you can opt to use generators, which are also available for rent. Perth Bouncy Castle Hire supplies heavy-duty extension cords for your water slide’s safe connection and operation.

Tip 3: Smooth, Flat Area for Setup

A smooth and flat area is ideal for setting up water slides. While the area doesn’t have to be perfectly level, it shouldn’t be too steep in order to eliminate safety concerns. Again, a grass surface is ideal, but you can always set up the water slide on a flat concrete or asphalt surface. The set-up team will choose the type of anchor most suited to each surface in order to secure the water slide in place for added safety.

Tip 4: Book in Advance

Make an early booking to guarantee availability. Other people will be hosting events such as yours, keeping the inflatable hire company busy. The earlier you book, the better your chances of getting what you want for when you want it at your event.

Tip 5: Set up in Advance

When booking your water slide, schedule the arrival time of the setup for at least a couple of hours before your guests’ expected arrival time. We arrive an hour before the event start time, but our team can get there even sooner depending on the number of water slides, as well as any anticipated set-up challenges.

Why? In addition to setting up and inflating the slide, some water slides have a pool at the bottom of the inflatable that needs to fill up with water. You must ensure the inflatable is properly wet before allowing anyone on it. Ensure there is enough time for all this to avoid disappointing your guests by having them wait for long before they can get on the water slides. With everything set up, the guests can jump right into the wet slides and have great fun right after arriving at your party or event venue.

Don’t miss out on the chance to include water slides in your next event or party’s mix of entertainment. Get a quote today, choose the right size, book in advance, and ensure there is a suitable surface for set-up and access to water and electricity.

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