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5-Point Guide to Selecting and Hiring Water Slides for Your Event

Like bouncing castles, inflatable water slides fit well at just any event. Be it a private birthday party in your backyard or a large corporate fun day, you can never go wrong with water slides. 

These inflatables are especially perfect if you are looking to have some fun while beating the heat at the same time, on those hot summer days. Perth Bouncy Castle Hire carries an extensive collection of water slides from which you can choose for your next event.

Even as you plan to add water slides to the list of inflatables and fun hires for your event, here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind

Choosing the Right Slide for You

So much should inform your choice of one inflatable water slide over the next one. You need to consider the size of the slide. A giant water slide will definitely be more fun than a smaller one as there’s more sliding area. In addition to the size, you will also need to keep in mind the age of those who will be playing on the slides. As with other fun inflatables, water slides come with an age and weight restriction from the manufacturer that you must observe for everyone’s safety.

Themed or non-themed? Inflatable water slides come in different designs, and at Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, there is no shortage of themed water slides to match your events theme. If you are hosting a Disney princesses birthday party for your little girl, we have you covered. If jungle animals and the safari is the theme of your event, we also have you covered.

Set-Up Requirements

When choosing a particular size of inflatable water slide, ensure that you have enough space at the site of your event for the setup. Anything but a level ground with enough space for the water slide will compromise be a compromise on safety. You also need to ensure there is enough clearance room around the inflatable after it is set up.

Another important consideration is to choose a set -up site that’s close enough to a reliable power supply. If there isn’t one nearby, talk to the hire company about adding a generator to your hire package. This is, of course, at an additional cost.

Dry or Wet?

Sliding down a dry water slide is just as much fun as doing so on a wet water slide. It comes down to preference. The best thing you can do for your guests is to set up both and let everyone pick what they prefer. That being said, wet slides are very popular, and especially if it is quite hot outside. 

Ensure you have a reliable water supply for your wet water slide. Have a long enough hose to connect from the nearest reliable tap to the water slide.

Adult Supervision for Safety

There should be an adult attentively supervising play and activity on the inflatable water slides at all times. This is a must when the patrons on the slides are children. Having an adult keeping an eye out on everyone significantly reduces the risk of accidents, and it ensures that everyone acts and responds fast in case of an incident.

Water slides can be so much fun, for both kids and adults. Instead of being left out of the fun so that you supervise everyone else as they play, you can add supervisors to your hire package. You can rest easy and have a good time knowing that professionals are doing the job, and everyone will be safe.

Hire Service Policy

Always ensure that you hire your water slides from a reputable hire company. Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, for example, continues to set itself apart from the rest thanks to excellent product quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is also your responsibility to abide by the terms and conditions outlined by the hire company. Read through these terms and conditions before signing your hire agreement. Ask any questions you may have, so that you understand what is expected of you once you hire the inflatable water slides. You will know, for example, what will happen if the inflatable gets damaged while it is with you, among other things.

Choose a Reliable Hire Service

A great hire company will do more than trying to sell you on the water slides they have for hire. Perth Bouncy Castle Hire will advise you on what may be the best fit for your event and will deliver top-quality inflatable water slides in good time.

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