7 Sure Fire Ways To Get More People To Your Event

With careful planning and precise execution, you need not worry about your event flopping with no attendees or failing to reach the desired capacity. It would be an absolute waste of resources to put together an event and end up with a no-show where no one comes.

If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. We share some of the most effective ways to get more people to your event.

Put in the Work with Research
What is your target audience? Once you have narrowed it down to that, go about researching the specific needs, desires and expectations that this target group has as they come to the event.
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Get Everyone Involved
Make everyone feel actively involved in the planning process by asking for their input on what they wish to have during the event. This is not only great research in itself, but it is important to note that mist people will attend an event that they feel a great part of, right from the planning stage. Ask the right questions to get their input. What music or fun activities would they enjoy best at the event? What are some of the best locations for the event?

Choose a Great Location
Today’s world is so fast-paced, with so much to do and little time to do it all. Nobody enjoys the hassle of sitting in traffic, so, keep that in mind when choosing a venue. It should be a place that is conveniently accessible to your guests.
It is also hard to say no to an awesome party venue, Find a cool place, a location so unique everyone would want to go to, hype its many attractions and you will be on your way to a sold out event.

Create a Facebook Page for Your Event
Facebook is a great platform to reach out to people in their numbers. As you use Facebook to advertise your event, pick a page name that rolls off well on the tongue and is catchy, but also fully describes the event. You should also upload a profile picture that matches with the event such as an even banner. The image should have the time and place for the event so that all visitors of the page have all the important information in a single glimpse.
Include all relevant information about the event I such as the purpose of the event, expected guests and entertainment acts in short, catchy phrases.

Create a buzz on twitter With a Hashtag for the Event
Keep everyone talking with a great hashtag. Make the best use of the 140 characters for a great and catchy hashtag that is short and sweet. For even better results, promote this hashtag on other platforms such as Facebook, email and updates on your website.

Promote the Event in a Video
Create a promotional video for the event, going all out with the best audio-visual effects. The script for the video should be engagingly informative and not too long winded. It is a great way to tease the guests with what they can expect during the event and build some suspense. Give people a glimpse of the action they can expect, such as the sumo wrestling and gladiator dueling and they will be hooked.
Make a strong call to action, inviting everyone to the event. You can then post the video on your social media.

Personal Invites
Social media may have taken over as the most convenient form of communication, but a personal touch can do wonders. Everyone craves for that human connection and finds face-to-face conversations more credible. Tap into this and personally invite some guests and promoters to your event.

Even with the best of these actionable strategies and more, you may lose out on repeat attendance, particularly for events held regularly such as annually, if you fail to deliver. Put your best foot forward as you meet and exceed the expectations of the many that will make it to your event. Get in touch or book online today for any supplies that will make your event stand out.

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