Bouncing Castles For Adults? 3 Reasons For a Resounding Yes

Butterfly Slide Bouncy CastleJumping around in a large inflatable may seem a little childish and most people have the misconception that bouncing castles are a reserve for kids. That could not be further from the truth because when it comes to fun, and particularly bouncy fun, age is just but a number.

Bouncing castles are becoming increasingly popular among adults and adult bounce houses have become a common sighting at events such as charities, fundraisers, fetes and festivals as well as corporate team building events.


Healthy and Fun Exercise
A typical day in the life of an adult is filled with so much care from family responsibilities and work commitments. The tension build up is inevitable and after a long day, all you want to do is put your feet up and be oblivious of all else, if only for a little while. Sleep and meditation are great, but even better is some exercise, and especially if you have spent the entire day at a sedentary workplace.
The benefits of aerobic exercise for the mental capacities are well known and documented. Some play on a bouncing castle is a great aerobic exercise, and it has direct effect on the body’s neurochemistry, influencing stress lowering and generally helping the participant to become more relaxed. We all would want that, now, wouldn’t we? Instead of spending big on a gym subscription or taking up a sport you have absolutely no interest in, bouncing away on a jumping castle provides the perfectly fun and healthy exercise.
In a few minutes, you can be bouncing your way to a relaxed mind and body, with a big smile. It is rejuvenating for mind and body and you can bounce back to face another day.

Unleash the Inner Child
Super Hero Sumo SuitsIn every adult is a child that is lurking behind the scenes and always looking out for the opportunity to come out and play. Literally play. Some of us, on account of trying too hard to fit into society’s dictates of what constitutes proper “adult behavior “ have become boring adults who have severed all connection with the amazing child-like sense of life.
Bouncing castles, alongside other play inflatables such as slides, obstacle courses and amusements are a great way for you to bring out your inner child. It feels great to do something with no other objective in mind except having fun. When bouncing around the adult bounce house, with the wind in your hair, having a great time is all you have to think about.
Shed off some layers off that power suit, take off your socks and with it all, lighten the burdens on your mind and enjoy some child-like fun. It does not make you childish, and after a session of bounce and jump, you will be grateful for the experience as you walk away with the mental clarity to better tackle your “grown up” affairs.


An opportunity to Make New Friends
Chris and Jason, both in their mid-thirties, have been friends for the last 2 and half years. How did they meet? You guessed right; on a bouncing castle!! It was on a community festival and the two, bubbling with energy were the first to take on the challenge. A polite conversation followed and without sounding like too much of a cliché, the rest is indeed history.
With everyone leading a busy life, the opportunities to meet and make new friends have become significantly limited. Online dating platforms may work for those looking to date, but a face-to-face first meeting is always a great start for successful platonic friendships.
It is quite easy to strike a conversation with another person mid-air as you both enjoy a good jump. Such a setting is an excellent icebreaker in itself and you can never go wrong with the adult bouncing castles. For the themed unit, you can be sure you share a common interest and it is definitely an easy subject to get the conversation started.

Variety at Its Best
At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, there is definitely something for everyone. Whatever the event, whether an anniversary celebration, a fete or festival, or any kind of corporate function, we have a wide selection of bouncing castle units suitable for adults.
Click here (insert link), check out our gallery and save the date by booking through a convenient online system. Potential new friends and a world of fun are just a click away.

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