Entertainment Ideas for Church Events

Standing at the pulpit and preaching the word is a great way to reach out to and connect with your congregants. It, however, does not stop there. 

Church-organized events are great for reaching out and strengthening the bonds among congregants. These events also draw others who may not belong to your church, serving as a great outreach opportunity. You will be reaching out to the community within the church as well as the community outside your church

Make these events fun and exciting, and you will have everyone wanting to come back to your church, and not just for such fun-filled events, but also for the sermons. 

Top on the list of ideas to consider for your next church event are the following 5 unique ideas that your church community will certainly appreciate and enjoy

Organize A Karaoke Event  Or Sing-Alongs

It will surprise you just how many of your congregants can sing so well but are not in the church choir. As the pastor or choir director, these sing-alongs or karaoke events are where you need to really keep your ears and eyes open, and if you are lucky, you may get a few new members for the choir.

 A day or evening of singing along to uplifting and wholesome Christian music will surely do everyone some good. Your playlist can be as dynamic as you want it to be, right from the good old traditional hymns to the best of today’s contemporary Christian music. 

For the sing-alongs, you want everyone to be a part of it, and for that reason, stick to the most popular hits that everyone is familiar with. Also make a point of providing the lyrics to each song, because more likely than not, there will be a few people in the crowd who do not belong to your church, or faith, but who would still love to be a part of the event.

Put Together A Talent Show 

In the months and weeks leading up to the event, let your congregants know that they can put together an act as a family and present it to everyone else at the event. Whether it is a singing act,  a dance act, or whatever else it may be, let them know that it will be an opportunity to showcase their God-given and nurtured talents. 

Ensure you hire a big enough dance floor for those dance acts. It may also be a great time to have an instructor come by and teach everyone, young and old, a few dance moves.

You can also bring in some entertainers to mix things up. Think magicians, puppeteers, and balloon twisters. 

Get Sporty

There is no pressure to organize a mini-Olympics at your next church event, but there is definitely so much that you can do.  Let everyone, young and old, stay active, and let the adrenaline flow as you all break a healthy sweat.

Among the suggestions that you can look into hiring for your big day include the following 

Jumping Castles And Inflatable Slides – Available in a wide range of sizes, themes and colours, these units will keep everyone jumping up and down and enjoying the slide down with a big smile on their faces.

Mechanical Rides and  Ride-on Amusements – Always a great feature for church events, mechanical rides make for a truly memorable experience. There are ride-on dinosaurs,  Rock climb, mechanical bull, meltdown and more.

Get in touch with a reliable party hire company for all you need to transform your church event into a fun-filled sporty affair.  You can have your pick of not just jumping castles, slides and mechanical rides, but also obstacle courses and interactive sports inflatables.

Movie Night 

If the weather allows it, then consider an open-air cinema for your movie night. It will bring a sense of nostalgia to your older members, taking them back to a time when drive-in movies were the rave. It’s also great because you can look up at the stars, and the kids can freely move around.

What you need for the open-air cinema is a screen, which, can be just your everyday king-size white bedsheet. Other than that, you will need a projector and a sound system. 

Unless you have enough chairs to accommodate everyone, then you can just ask your congregants to bring folding chairs. Remind everyone to bring blankets to help keep warm. You can also choose to have everyone sit down on their spread our blankets.

There is no shortage of family-friendly movies to choose from. There are also plenty of themed movies suited for specific Christian seasons and holidays, be it the Easter holidays or Christmas. 

What’s movie night without some popcorn? Hire a popcorn machine. You will also need something to wash down the popcorn, and hiring a slushie machine will certainly help with that.

Make Crafts 

Kids will absolutely love making some crafts at your church event. It’s a great way for them to express their creativity, and you will have their full attention because they are actively involved. 

They can take these crafts home with them, or you can organize a sale and use the proceeding from the sale towards a worthy cause such as donating to a charity.

There are so many Bible craft projects for kids of all ages. From Bible verse flashcards to colored beads spelling out the Lord’s Prayer, these craft projects are an excellent tool for helping the kids retain some of the lessons they learn in church.

Church events are an integral part of social fellowship. Make these events as fun and engaging as can be and you can look forward to an increase not only in your church attendance but, ultimately, your membership.

Ask for volunteers among your congregation, get in touch with reliable suppliers, and have everyone work together to make your next church even the most successful yet. The highlighted ideas are inexpensive and have proved to work for churches of different sizes and denominations.

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