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Hiring Inflatables: Power Requirements, Cost and Safety Considerations  

How Inflatables Stay Blown Up

At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, we carry a wide range of top-quality play inflatables, from jumpy castles and inflatable obstacle courses to dry and wet slides. These inflatables are not sealed, but instead, they are continual airflow systems, which, as the name suggests, have to be continually filled with air.

This air comes from a blower, which we always ensure is in perfect condition before dispatch to any site. The blower can run off mains power or a generator.

Providing Power Source

In most cases, you are expected to provide a power source for the items you hire. When booking the items you’d like to hire, you will be advised accordingly on the power requirements for each item, that is, the amps required, and of course, the total number of power points that will be required on the day of your hire. If the event location has no power available, generator hire is available.

Connecting to a dedicated or semi-connected electric circuit is the recommended best practice. As such, ensure that you don’t connect any other items or appliances to the power point. A dedicated circuit ensures that anything connected to it runs smoothly without overloading your power system and running the risk of tripping or blowing a fuse. The better if you have an outlet in the garage, clubroom, or elsewhere outside your house with nothing else connected to it.

You may want to have an electrician come around and check your circuit beforehand just to make sure that your system is wired to give enough amps for the inflatables and other equipment that you hire. Do take note that you will not be eligible for a refund should Perth Bouncy Castle Hire deliver the booked items only to find that your system cannot support the power requirements.

Most our equipment require a 10amp or 15amp power point. Please check on our product pages for the exact requirements.

How far from the power source can you run the inflatables and other equipment?

It is not enough to have enough amps and power points. You must also ensure that your preferred set-up site for the various inflatables and other hired equipment such as fun food machines is within a reasonable distance from your dedicated electrical outlet.

How far is far enough? Well, Perth Bouncy Castle Hire will supply a heavy-duty extension cord with your rental. The cord is 20 M in length, which is why you should ensure that your selected set-up site for the hired inflatables and other equipment is within this distance range. We do not recommend using your own extension cord unless, of course, it matches the specifications of what we carry, both in gauge and length.

Why not just add more extensions to cover more distance?

Connecting extension cords to reach a set-up location that is further away from the power point is an absolute no, and with good reason. This is a highly unsafe practice, as it is very likely to not only cause damage to the blower, but it raises significantly, the risk of starting an electrical fire.

If your set-up location is anywhere outside the 20 M radius that will be accommodated by the extension cord supplied, the only option available to you is to use a generator.

Generator Use

While powering hire inflatables and other equipment from the mains is the more reliable option, you may need to turn to a generator in some instances. Don’t worry about not being able to host your event if you do not have power on-site or if the set-up location is more than 20 M away from the power source. A generator is all you need to ensure your party gets started.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire hires out well-maintained and fully-functional generators to clients who need them. This is at an additional cost and not included in your rental price. Our generator units are carefully selected to match the specifications of the blowers we use to fill up the inflatables.

You should not assume that Perth Bouncy Castle Hire will bring a generator unit. If you need it, be sure to specify as much when booking.

How much will it cost to run the equipment?

The blower filling up the inflatables doesn’t consume too much power. Whether it is running from your mains or the generator, you can rest assured that, even if your event runs for the whole day, you will not be paying too much. The generator cost will take into account the market fuel prices.

Safe Operation

At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, safety is everything. Rest assured that our team is committed to setting you up for maximum efficiency and, most importantly, safety.

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