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Music Walls
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Music Walls

FROM $ 590.00

Enhance Your Event with a Selection of Up to 8 Music Walls!

Our custom-made outdoor music walls are here to add a symphonic twist to your gathering! We’ve crafted eight unique and professionally designed musical wonders that will keep your little guests entertained for hours on end.

These musical walls are not just about fun; they’re about creating a symphony of sound and engagement. Kids can explore their musical talents and create harmonious melodies in a playful and entertaining way.

However, it’s worth noting that these walls can get a bit noisy โ€“ and that’s all part of the excitement! To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, we recommend setting up the music walls a bit further away from food vendors, face painters, or anyone requiring a quiet environment. This way, your little maestros can compose their masterpieces without missing a beat.

So, if you’re looking to add a unique and entertaining element to your event, our outdoor music walls are the perfect choice. Let the creativity flow, the music play, and the fun never end!


FEATURES: Custom made music walls.

SPACE REQUIRED FOR EACH WALL: 4m Length x 4m Width x 6m Height

AGES: 3 to Adult (all children playing require parent supervision)

ACCESS: 1.5m


2 MUSIC WALLS: $590 for 3 hours + $130 (plus GST) per extra hour

4 MUSIC WALLS: $790 for 3 hours + $150 (plus GST) per extra hour

6 MUSIC WALLS: $890 for 3 hours + $150 (plus GST) per extra hour

8 MUSIC WALLS: $990 for 3 hour + $150 (plus GST) per extra hour

OPERATION: PBCH trained supervisor required for $75 + GST per hr, per supervisor (minimum 3 hours). One supervisor can look after maximum 4 walls

Great reasons to hire from us:

  • Trusted By Over 1000 Business and People Each and Every Year
  • Over 300 Five Star Reviews
  • Reputation For Excellent Customer Service and Quality Equipment
  • Professional and Trained Operators
  • High Focus On Safety
  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Worksafe Compliant
  • All Electricals Test and Tagged
  • Crash Mats Provided On All Dry Inflatable Set Ups
  • Protective Barriers Set Up Around Blowers and Generators
  • Detailed Safety Checklist Completed By Our Train Staff Upon Every Set Up