Giant Inflatable Billiard Soccer
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Giant Inflatable Billiard Soccer

FROM $ 650.00

An exciting and fun game for all occasions and events, big or small. The kids will love it and so will be the adults at your party.

With our giant inflatable pool table, you can up your billiards game, and the game involves playing pool with your feet. Yes, your feet. The coloured pool balls are the size of your standard soccer ball and the object of the game is just like in a game of pool, except that you will be using your feet instead of a pool table.

The hire includes the giant inflatable pool table,Includes soccer balls that are made to look like billiard balls and can be played for hours on end!. It is perfect for both indoor
and outdoor events, promising hours of endless fun for everyone.

Pick your teams and kick off, literally, the fun with our giant inflatable pool table. Make your early booking or get in touch with us for any enquiries.


Great for team building and competitive type environment. It can get very fast-paced, and it can get very competitive, which is exactly what makes for an
entertaining game. Time to let your guests pick out their teams and let the games begin. The cheering
squads from both sides are also in for a real treat. Includes soccer balls that are made to look like billiard balls and can be played for hours on end!

ACCESS: 1.2m Flat Surface Required
POWER: 1 x 10amp (within 20m from set up location)power point required no more than 20 metres away
AGE: 3 years and above


CORPORATE HIRE / PUBLIC EVENTS: $650 for 3 hours + $100 (plus GST) per extra hour

OPERATION: PBCH Trained supervisors are available at additional costs

NOTE: AFTER 6pm PICK UP/OVERNIGHT HIRE: Contact us for details

Great reasons to hire from us:

  • Trusted By Over 1000 Business and People Each and Every Year
  • Over 300 Five Star Reviews
  • Reputation For Excellent Customer Service and Quality Equipment
  • Professional and Trained Operators
  • High Focus On Safety
  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Worksafe Compliant
  • All Electricals Test and Tagged
  • Crash Mats Provided On All Dry Inflatable Set Ups
  • Protective Barriers Set Up Around Blowers and Generators
  • Detailed Safety Checklist Completed By Our Train Staff Upon Every Set Up