Ultimate Carnival Table Top Games Package (1)
Ultimate Carnival Table Top 5 Games Package
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Ultimate Carnival Table Top 5 Games Package

FROM $ 650.00

Unleash the Fun with the Ultimate Carnival Table Top Games Package

Our tabletop carnival games are 6ft (1.8m) long featuring bright digital graphics and will stand out in any setting and include 5 x tables, fitted tablecloths and all accessories needed for play. Our tabletop games test your accuracy and hand-eye coordination and are great for virtually any occasion and age group.

Include 5 Games

Coin Roller: Challenge your hand-eye coordination and precision with Coin Roller! This addictive game requires players to roll coins down a ramp, aiming for the highest score possible. Strategically adjust your coin’s speed and trajectory to hit the target and rack up points. It’s a test of skill and finesse that will have players coming back for more!

Anti Gravity: Defy the laws of gravity with Anti Gravity, a mind-boggling game that will leave players amazed! Using specially designed magnetic pieces, players attempt to build structures that seemingly float in mid-air. The game combines creativity, problem-solving, and a touch of magic to create a mesmerizing experience that will captivate players of all ages.

Over & Under Table Game: Get ready to challenge your competitors reflexes and coordination with the Over & Under Table Game! Children slide pucks along a table, aiming to land them in the designated scoring areas. This fast-paced game fosters friendly competition and encourages children to improve their hand-eye skills while having a blast.

Bowl O Rama: Bring the excitement of bowling to your event with Bowl O Rama! Children roll balls down a ramp, aiming to knock down pins and achieve the highest score. This game provides all the thrills of bowling in a compact and portable setup. Bowl O Rama is perfect for promoting friendly competition and active play among the children.

Shuffle Pucks: Slide, score, and strategize with Shuffle Pucks! This table game requires children to slide pucks along a smooth surface, aiming to land them in designated scoring zones. Shuffle Pucks combines skill and tactics, providing hours of addictive gameplay and friendly competition. Watch as the kids become fully engaged and determined to outscore each other!


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