Mechanical Bull Hire: Your Chance To Tame The Beast

Ready for the ride of your life? Well, saddle up and hold tight as you enjoy the very best in mechanical bull hire. Our mechanical bull is perfect for school fun days, backyard parties with friends and family as well as all kinds of corporate events. We can set up the mechanical bull for both indoor and outdoor events provided the venue meets the minimum space requirements. You will need a level 6 M*6M space for the set up. For indoor venues, we recommend using a hall with at least 9 ft. ceiling.

A standard household power outlet will do. Kids and adults alike can enjoy a fun-filled day riding on the mechanical bull. Owing to safety considerations, the age limit on our units is 8 years. We also have a team of trained and experienced operators who will see to it that everyone is safe as they have a fun time on the ride. This includes assisting with mounting the bull and adjusting the ride speed to one that perfectly suits the rider’s abilities.

For the pros, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with riding the bull at higher speeds. Additionally, the arena around the mechanical bull itself is an inflatable ring (much like the inflatable bed on bouncing castles) which cushions the riders who may fall off against any injury. Safety is a priority with our mechanical bull hire service. We are a fully insured bouncy castle and play inflatables company. Our mechanical bull hire packages include the mechanical bull, a safety inflatable bed and operator(s.)

You will also be able to see just how long you will last on the bull with our LED timer display that’s part of the control station. Mechanical bull hire is one of our most popular hire items. Do not miss out on all the fun. Make your booking today and enjoy the adventure.

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