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Preparing to Host a Silent Disco: What You Need to Consider

Out with the traditional speakers. And in with playing music and other audio through wireless headphones to create the pleasantly versatile and delightful experience that is the silent disco.

Silent discos are perfect for all types of events, from birthdays and weddings to larger events such as tradeshows, conferences, and festivals. With traditional speakers, you have to worry about noise levels and causing a noise disturbance for the neighbours. Silent discos or conferences ensure excellent noise control by keeping all the audio within the headphones. The experience is highly personalised as each participant can tailor their experience to their preferences, as they choose their preferred audio channel as well as the listening volume or audio levels.

Equipment Needed

To host the perfect silent disco, you need to be adequately prepared, and this means ensuring you have the equipment required and that you carefully consider your venue.

Headphones and Transmitters

You will need a set of quality headphones for each participant or event attendee. Premier-quality headphones deliver a crisp and clear sound for everyoneโ€™s enjoyment. The headphones are comfortable and very simple to use. A transmitter is necessary to broadcast each audio source.

How many people are you expecting at your event? 10? 50? You can trust Perthโ€™s most professional entertainment provider to meet your capacity and supply the number of headphones you require for your event.

High-quality headphones also have a better battery life. On average, this is about 8-10 hours, meaning each participant will have as much time to enjoy the audio on the headphones before they have to worry about downtime. The 8-10 hours of battery life is usually enough to last most events. If you are hosting a longer event with no downtime where you can charge the headphones, then your best bet would be to hire additional headphones.

Audio Source

From pre-recorded playlists, to live performances by bands, presenters, and DJs, you can have multiple audio sources at your silent conference or disco. You can have any one or a number of these audio sources. These sources transmit the audio to the headphones.

Determine the number of audio sources you will need to accommodate before hiring your silent disco system package. When hiring the silent disco equipment, ensure you get the right audio adapters to connect to the transmitter. The knowledgeable team at PBCH will guide you through the various options and help you choose suitable adapters.

Considerations about the Venue

The size and layout of the venue are critical considerations to keep in mind as you plan to host a silent disco. With the necessary permits, you can host your silent disco or conference outdoors. From rooftops to parks, silent discos are highly adaptable to different outdoor environments. You will, however, need to ensure you have access to a reliable power source for the transmitter. Also ensure you provide adequate protection against the elements for the audio equipment.

Ask about the range of the headphones. The average range on most headphones is 300-500 meters, depending on the environment and the transmitter. If you are hosting the silent disco in a large venue where the attendees are likely to spread out away from the transmitter, you will want to ensure you get headphones with a bigger range.

Offer a Unique Experience

Provide your guests with a unique way of experiencing your events with a silent disco or conference system. This alternative to the traditional speaker system is something your guests will certainly enjoy because it is highly adaptable and delivers a personalized experience.


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