Tips For Organising a Profitable Fund Raising Event

Tips For Organising a Profitable Fund Raising Event

You are about to take on huge task and sacrifice your personal time and energy, so you must ensure you maximise your communities potential and be rewarded with a successful fundraise.

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Drafting Your Fundraising Event Plan

1. Poor Planning

Inadequate planning is a major indicator of an event that is destined to fail. A proper fundraising event plan starts with excellent leadership that understands “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Ensure that everything happens systematically on the D-day. Let the supplies know when the event is destined to begin so that they can have everything bumped in on time. You need to allocate your suppliers a delivery time according to the type of equipment they bring. For example, the team setting up larger equipment such as tent and marquees are usually the first to come. You also need to make sure there is access to power, whether that be a hired generator that you have organised or your suppliers bring their own. Another important note to consider is making sure all your suppliers know the bump-out time. What time will the majority of the patrons exit the event so that supplier vehicles can enter the event location?

2. Running a Fundraising Event for Too Long

An event that goes on for 10 hours can be draining for anyone, especially your volunteers. After an event that long, I can personally guarantee that when next years event comes around, you will find it very difficult to recruit the same volunteers.

Schedule the event such that it starts early enough and ends early. People love to spend their evenings relaxing at home. Research has shown that there is no much difference in terms of the amount raised between short and long fundraising events. Most guests have planned budgets for such events and you also need to remember that it will also cost more to keep your suppliers on for the duration of the event.

3. Wrong Time Of The Year

The season you hold your fundraising event is crucial because it will largely determine the turn-up, the costs involved, and whether you have good chances of achieving your goal. For example, the spring season is that beautiful time of the year with good weather, and most people are out to enjoy themselves. There are usually many events taking place such as parties and competitions. Holding a fundraising during this time of the year is setting it up for competition with other functions, so make sure the date doesn’t clash with an major events in your city. During peak season, the costs of setting up your fundraising event may also be higher, as many event managers could be looking for the same resources you need. You should as well avoid fundraising dates that coincide with holidays and off from school periods.

4. Contracting Inexperienced People

Do your due diligence, ask other schools, sports clubs, community members who they have used in the past and what kind of service they provided. Google their business name, search them on facebook. Check out if they have done events similar to what your event.
Make a point of going to some of their events and check out the quality of the equipment and staff behaviour.
Organising a fundraising event may sound simple and fun,Β  but there is a lot involved in making it a success. Many tiny details need to be taken care of, such as ensuring you have the ‘right’ type of entertainment for your event. For example, for large events you need to ensure you have equipment that can turnover lots of patrons in a short amount of time such as inflatable obstacle courses, wet or dry slides, mechanical wipeout, hungry hippo chow down. You don’t want to have equipment that will cause a huge line and lots of people being disappointed because they had to wait too long.

An experienced supplier will recommend where to position the equipment. You want to ensure there is a good flow of traffic. Usually, you want to have your main attraction near the end, so that the patrons get a chance to check out all you have to offer.

Contracting companies who are not professionals will hurt the outcome of the fundraising and your experience as a fundraiser or fete coordinator.

Things to Consider When Organizing a Fundraising Event and Why

Fundraising events are popular among sports clubs, schools, churches, individuals, and various organizations. For example, if you are part of the school committee, you may think of organizing a fundraising event to buy uniforms for the school sports teams or band. Now that you are aware of the mistakes to avoid, here are some other points to consider as you prepare for the event.

Expected Number of Attendees

Knowing the number of guests you expect will help you plan better in several ways. For example, it will help you determine the number of amusements that are needed. You will also know where to position your equipment, such as having the main attraction near the end so that patrons crowd around there and make it feel busy and livelier. On the same note, make sure you don’t forget about food and refreshments. Food Trucks is a very important part of any public event, and not having any might turn a memorable event into an embarrassing one. Remember that all elements must be blended expertly for the event to be successful, but this cannot be possible if you do not know how many people are going to attend your event.

The Fundraising Goal

What do you or your client want to achieve at the end of the fundraising event? If you are aware of the fundraising’s key goals, you can ensure every part of the event is optimized to achieve that goal. It is also easier to tailor an event that leads towards achieving the target. Among the most important goals of any fundraising event is to raise a specific amount of money. As such, everything in the event plan from the start to the end should be focused on achieving this set amount. For example, you could sell branded wrist bands, t-shirts, or caps instead of giving them out free. Be careful not to spend more than the event can raise.

Event Budget

You have to spend in order to raise money. While at spending, have a proper plan and manage the available finances well, or you end up misusing funds. How much money do you want to be set aside to host the event? Knowing this will help you cut down on any unnecessary costs. Remember to leave room for unforeseen expenses. If you are organising a fundraising event for a client, what is their budget? Stick to your client’s budget to avoid any disagreements or frustrations. Every detail from the cost of renting space, security, utilities, entertainment and any other things you may need should be within the client’s budget. Remember that you need to raise an amount that is way above the expenses for the event to make any sense.


If you’ve been tasked to organise a fundraising event, It will help if you consider the people that will be part of your “host committee” and “committee chairpersons.” These are the people that will help you achieve your fundraising goals. A host committee and chairpersons are typically made up of wealthy donors, prominent business people, celebrities, and other persons that can contribute substantial amounts of money towards the event. If your client already has a list of attendees, understand who they are so that you can plan an event that will impress them. The host committee and chairpersons do not usually run the event or take charge of it in any way but are there to help with their contributions and encourage others to contribute.

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One idea that has been repeatedly proven to work effectively in raising funds is setting up the entertainment for children. Most parents love to cultivate a spirit of philanthropy in their kids from a very tender age. They also like to see their children have fun.

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