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Top 6 Reasons Why Hiring Fun Food Machines is a Great Idea 

From fairy floss machines, to ice cream machines, snow cone machines, popcorn machines and slushie machines, including fun food machines among the equipment to hire for your next event is always a great idea. 

Among the top reasons why hiring these machines is a great idea include the following;

  • Instant Crowd Puller

Best of luck finding even one person, child or adult, who doesn’t like fun foods. On those hot summer days, no one will turn down a cold slushie, or some snow cone. 

Set up the food stand and people will be lining up for their serving. The colourful design on these food stands that everyone has come to associate with the carnival will catch the eye of kids and adults from every corner of your event.

  • A Perfect Fit at All Events

Rest assured that the food machines will be right at home at any event,  be it a private backyard birthday party for your kid, or a corporate fun day. Again, fun food machines can be set up and used both indoors and outdoors. 

All you have to do is ensure that the set-up site meets the necessary requirements. This includes a sturdy table on which to set up the machines, and a reliable power supply.

  • Easy to Use

When you hire any of the fun food machines, our team at Perth Bouncy Castle will ensure that it is well inspected and delivered in good condition. Our crew will then set it up for you, and will come around to collect the machines after the event.

Operating the machines is pretty easy. You don’t need to have prior experience to do it well. While it is quite intuitive, you will an operation manual to which you can refer. Even someone who has never done it before can safely and efficiently operate the fun food machines.

Keep in mind that you can always go with the option of hiring our crew to operate and supervise the fun food machines. You can rest easy knowing there are pros at work, and it will free you to enjoy the day’s events. Having professionals operating the machines will also ensure that the line moves faster and you wont have to worry about your guests being frustrated at having to wait for too long.

  • All You Need in One Package

You won’t need to worry about getting additional supplies for your fun food machines. At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, we include everything you need in your hire package.  For our slushie machine hire for example, you get straws and cups and of course, different flavours.  Similarly, for the popcorn machine hire package, you get popcorn kernels, popcorn salt, premier-quality popcorn oil and popcorn bags.

All you have to do is let us know how many people you expect to be serving, and we will make sure you have everything you need to both prepare and serve the fun foods.

Throw in our professionally trained and experienced operators and you can rest assured you will have a great experience with the fun food machines at your next event.

  • Minimal Space Requirements

With our other hires, such as our extra large bouncy castles, space really is a big factor. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that with fun food machines. Even our biggest unit doesn’t take up that much space.

As mentioned, we just need a sturdy table that’s big enough to accommodate the fun food machine you hire, and a power source. Even if your event site is limited in size, you will have plenty of space leftover to accommodate other hires that will make your day all the more fun and a great success.

  • A Guaranteed Return

Fun food machines are perfect for fundraiser events. You can charge patrons per serving and have the proceeds go into the fundraiser kitty. Given their popularity, you can be sure you’ll be raising quite a lot.

All our clients who have hired our fun food machines for their fundraiser events have said that the money collected was more than enough to cover the cost of the hire. They get so much for their fundraiser kitty. Combine these machines with other popular items for fundraisers such as the dunk tank and you can look forward to meeting and exceeding your targets for the fundraiser event.

Always a Good Pick

For the reasons highlighted, and more, you can never go wrong with hiring fun food machines for your event. Serve your guests with the tastiest treats by the range of fun food machines available at Perth Bouncy Castle Hire.

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