Perth Bouncy Castle Hire and COVID-19

Ultimate Guide to Safety for Bouncy Castles and Other Inflatables

Hire a combination of bouncy castles, slides, obstacle courses, and other inflatables, and you can look forward to hours of fun at your next event or party. As you jump, slide, climb and run, you will have peace of mind and have more fun when you don’t have to worry about the risk of injury or damage to the hired equipment.

At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, we do our part by, first, investing in only top-quality equipment. Secondly, all our equipment is tested for safety and inspected before being delivered to you. At an additional cost, we offer attentive supervision for the duration of your event.

As the hiree, you also have a responsibility and to reduce the risk of injury and damage. Here is a rundown of a few do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind

Right Age and Number of Patrons

 Different units are designed for specific age groups. Some bouncy castles are only suitable for toddlers, while others are a good fit for small kids up to the age of around 12 years. You can also choose from units suitable for both kids and adults. There is also a maximum limit to the number of patrons, kids or adults, that can get on the inflatable units at any one time. 

These limits are there for everyone’s safety. Ensure that no one older than the acceptable ae limit gets on the inflatables. Also, ensure that you don’t exceed the allowed number of patrons.

Not for the Sickly

Any child or adult with a history of medical issues, including heart, neck, back, bone, and joint problems, is safer not getting on the hired equipment. All that excitement and the physical strain from all the jumping and sliding may not be good for their health. Any person with a medical impairment, physical or mental,  should also stay clear of the play units.

Again, anyone who starts to feel sickly or unwell while using the hired equipment should get off immediately. Staying on the play unit any longer may only worsen the feeling.

Check the Patrons

Have all patrons remove their shoes, jewellery, glasses, and badges before getting into the bouncing castles, slides, and other inflatables. Everyone should, however, keep on their socks. You will also want everyone to empty their pockets of any sharp objects before getting into the inflatables. These foreign objects can easily damage the inflatables.

Safe Electrical Supply

Ensure that the electrical supply you provide is not only sufficient but also safe.  Your electrical supply should have adequate ground protection. Not in any situation will you be allowed to connect multiple extension cords to reach a set-up site that is a good distance away from the power outlet. Kids should stay away from the power supply.

A Clear Safety Zone

The kids should always stay away from the back of the inflatables where the blower is. This ensures that they don’t, accidentally or intentionally interfere with the power, causing the inflatables to collapse.

Watchful Supervision

As the host, you will no doubt have so much to do throughout the duration of the event. You may also want to just sit back, catch up with friends and enjoy the day. Doing all that can be quite challenging when you have to supervise the patrons, especially the younger kids as they play on the hired inflatables. 

Instead of supervising the play yourself, or having some of the adults at the event help you with that, why not hire our team for the job? It will free you up to enjoy the day’s activities with everyone else.

Our crew will ensure all patrons are playing safely. We will ensure the kids are not doing dangerous moves such as somersaults, backflips, and more. We will also check the inflatables for safety throughout the hire period. We will check to see that all Velcro connections and zippers are secure and that there is no disruption to the power supply. 

Liability Statement 

Understand that you will be using the hired inflatables at your own risk as you sign the hire agreement. In the agreement is a highlight of the safety rules above, and more, which you have a responsibility to adhere to at all times. 

Neglecting to adhere to these rules may result in injury and damage to the hired equipment, and in either case, you will be held liable.

At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, we are more than happy to walk you through these safety guidelines and answer any questions you may have about ensuring safety during the hire period.

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