Common Questions

I want to hire the bouncy castle between 1pm to 5pm. Do I get the whole 4 hours?

Yes you do. The bouncy castle will be set up and ready to go before 1pm. We will then return at 5pm to pack it away. We should be out of there by 5:30pm.

Bouncy Castles Set Ups in Parks or Local Community Centres

1. You will need to contact the local authority and request for an application form. Some councils may charge a fee to hold a party at a local park or community centre.

2. You will need to ask if there is power available and if metal stakes can be used to secure the bouncy castle. If there is no power available, we can supply a generator for an additional cost. Sometimes the local authorities will not allow metal stakes to be used due to the risk of damage to reticulation. If this is the case, sandbags or water drums can be hired at an additional cost.

3. Email the completed form back to the local council and “cc” us at

4. We will liaise with the local council and provide them any information including our Public Liability Insurance and Work Safe Documents if required to speed up your application. We will always “cc” you in the process.

5. Your application will then be approved.

6. Access Required: Depending on which inflatable you hire, we may require vehicle access and need to arrive several hours earlier to set up.

7. Upon arrival, we will require someone to be present to guide us on the location of the set up, access to the power source and go through the safety and hire procedures.

6. On the day of the event, we will arrive no later than 1 hour minutes before the start time. Please have your mobile nearby incase we need to get in contact with you.

PLEASE NOTE: A Responsible Adult Must Be Present And Supervising the Children At All Times During The Period Of Hire.

Private Backyard Party

1. You need to make sure you have measured the area where you would like the bouncy castle to be set up so it can fit. Please refer to the product pages for space required for each castle.

2. Please make sure there is clear access to the set up area before we arrive. We do not bring bouncy castles up stairs. We will need at least 1m width to push the bouncy castle through side walks, gates etc.

3. Tell us where you would like to set it up?

4. Which way you would like the bouncy castle to face?

5. Where the closest power outlets are? (we will require a power outlet that is not shared with other devices)

6. Any reticulation will need to be clearly marked as we do not take responsibility for any damages to the underground piping.

7. After we set it up for you, we will go through our safety and hire agreement.

8. We will arrive no later than 1 hour before the hire start time to make sure the bouncy castle is ready before the party starts. In most cases we will arrive much earlier depending on the schedule that day.

9. We will then return at the allocated time to clean and pack away the castle. That’s it!

PLEASE NOTE: A Responsible Adult Must Be Present And Supervising the Children At All Times During The Period Of Hire.

And here are some IMPORTANT NOTES which will serve as your guide on the day of the set up:

1. Please make sure someone is on the area to show us the location of the set up and please have your mobile phone turned on as we may need to contact you.
2. Advise us the location of the closest power point to the set up area (it’s important that it has its own powerpoint and not shared with another device, and to be located no more than 20 metres away from the set up area)
3. Ensure we have clear access to the set up area and a clean surface to avoid any delays.

4. If there is reticulation there, could you please clearly mark out the areas as we do not accept responsibility for any damaged piping. (our metail stakes are nearly 60cm long) If you are unsure, Sandbags can be hired for an additional $20.

5. A minimum of 1.2m wide access is required into the set up area.  Please note we do not carry bouncy castles over air conditioner units, water heaters and up or down steps. Please notify us immediately if your access does not comply with our requirements.

What To Do In An Emergency? – Adult Supervision is Required At All Times

Even though we are constantly monitoring the weather, mother nature can change very quickly. The responsible Adult supervising the inflatable must always be on the look out for any sudden changes to the weather. Any drastic changes must be acted upon quickly, if wind speeds are increasing to over 30km per hour or you can see a Willy Willy (whirlwind or sand storm) approaching, The responsible adult/supervisor must immediately evacuate the children/patrons quickly and turn off the power. The inflatable can then be turned back on after the wind settles.

Please note: In severe wind conditions, regardless of our tie down methods, the inflatables become unsafe

Weather and Refund Policy

Any cancellations or change of time to your delivery MUST be made by 12 Noon the day before your event. If no cancellations are made then we will proceed with the booking. Once the decision has been made to proceed with the booking, we will not be able to issue any refunds regardless of use. If you would like to change the date/times or cancel the booking, please contact 0406 161 959 before 12 noon the day before the event.

1. Scattered showers are fine, but if the weather forecasts 60% chance of heavy rain throughout the whole day or winds exceeding 30km per hour we may have to cancel the delivery for safety reasons. If you would like to make changes, there is no fee to cancel as long as you inform us before we make the final decision to go ahead with the booking (usually 1 or 2 days before the delivery date).

2. Once we have confirmation to proceed with the booking, we have to pay our employees for their hard work and therefore we require full payment regardless of use.  Our main safety concern is wind.  When winds go higher than approx. 30km per hour, bouncy castles become unsafe regardless of our tie down methods.  If you are concerned, please call our office.


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