Sumo Suit Hire For Bucks Nights

Fun Ideas For The Best Buck’s Party For Your Mate

Your mate’s buck’s party can be anything that you want it to be. Just make sure that it is packed with fun and will remain a memorable experience for everyone. Think of what the groom enjoys most, and while at it, do not hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to buck’s party ideas.

There is so much you can do, so let your mind run wild.  You can choose to ask for the groom’s input on what to include in your plan for the day, or just go ahead and plan a surprise for him. Here is a look at a few fun ideas for that one-of-a-kind buck’s party for your mate.

Go Somewhere New

Charter a private jet, or a cruise, or even better, go on a road trip with the squad to that place(s) you have always wanted to go. Wherever that place may be, enjoy all that it has to offer, from the sights to good food, and planned fun activities. 

Make it as much about the journey as the final destination and you can be sure you will have wonderful memories of that trip.

Hire A Party Bus 

Make your trips as much about the travel experience as they are about the destination. And what better than a hiring a party bus from a reliable company for that unique travel experience. There are different bus sizes to accommodate the size of your party, however many you may be in your group of friends.

Think of some chilled champagne and other drinks, your favorite tunes blasting away in the background and lighting that will set the mood just right. Enjoy the party on the go in between the different stops. 

Dunk Tank Action

More soaks, for more laughs. Fill up the tank and let the groom-to-be take his place while the rest of the party take turns aiming for that target. Dunk tank hire is undoubtedly a great buck’s party idea for the summer.

A dunk for every time your mate couldn’t hang out with the squad because they had to be at a cake tasting or whatever else as the big day nears. 

Paintball Fun

Have some fun and feel the adrenaline rush on the battlefield with some paintball action. Get your crew to a  paintball location and enjoy the ultimate paintball experience. You guys can pick teams, go at each other in an epic battle and see who comes out on top.  A day spent shooting, taking cover, and then more shooting and more taking cover is definitely a day well spent.

Archery Range 

Trade that paintball gun for an arrow and bow, and instead of aiming at your mates, aim for that bull’s-eye when you hit the archery range. Make a booking with a top archery club and brace yourself for hours of unending fun. It doesn’t matter if you have never shot even the one arrow in your life, it’s an incredibly fun sport you can enjoy any time of the year.

Bungee Run

Push hard. Go fast. Stick to your lane and ensure you go further than your opponent to win at this exciting adrenaline-stimulating game. Don’t forget that you will be pushing against the bungee cord pulling you back to the start point.  The bungee challenge run promises hours of endless fun for you and the guys.

Sumo Wrestling 

It doesn’t get anymore hilarious than some sumo wrestling fun. Gear up for the rumble with the padded sumo suits, a helmet and a pair of gloves and you are ready to hit the ring.  You get to pick your wrestling match style, be it going one-on-one until you have the last man standing or team up and have a tag team match.

The best thing with sumo wrestling with sumo suit hire is that everyone gets to be a part of the fun. Even with one-on-one matches, the rest who are watching will definitely enjoy every minute of it. 

Mechanical Wipeout 

Ready for the ultimate mechanical ride with a twist? The  mechanical wipeout challenge  is as high-energy as it gets and you will all love the action as you awaken the inner ninja in you all. There is the spinning log to look out for, and up to eight of you can play the game at once as the rest watch. 

The action is unending and you can be sure there will not be a single dull moment. 

The Climbing Wall 

Hire a  rock climbing wall and set it up outback or indoor and experience adventure-filled fun on a whole other level.  Speed is the name of the game.Time yourself and see how long it will take you to get to the top of the tower. It’s a great competitive sport and title of rock climbing wall champion will go to whoever among you boys gets up there within the shortest time.

A Casino Party

Move from one gaming machine and table to the next as you enjoy a night at the casino.  Gone are the days when casinos were just gambling dens since these have revolved into entertainment joints with so much to offer.  At a casino, you can eat and drink, enjoy a show, and even just watch others play. Who knows? You may even win big and have something to help with your mate’s honeymoon expenses.

Forget a night of drinking and doing all kinds of raunchy. Keep it classy, fun and so memorable that you guys will be talking about it when you are old men reminiscing on your heydays.  Put in the effort to give your mate the send off he deserves. 

For more exciting buck’s party ideas, be sure to get in touch with Perth Bouncy Castle Hire . We have a wide range of amusements and so much more that will only add to the wow element of your buck’s party. We are also happy to get you in touch with other providers to help make your day as special as can be.


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