Super Hero Sumo Suits

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Super Hero Suits Features:


NOTE: After 6pm Pickup/Overnight Hire: Contact us for details

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We have a selection junior super hero sumo suits for kids over the age of 12 as well as different adult-sized suits so that the adults are also not left out of the fun. Live out your fantasy and join the league of superheroes with a complete gear that includes gloves and headgear for the ultimate rumble.

The gladiator arena/sumo mat can accommodate two persons at a time, as the rest await their turn on the boxing ring. We have a great selection of super hero sumo suits including Batman, superman, the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman among others.

Unlike the other exciting play options in our inventory such as jumping castles or bouncy castles, setting up the sumo wrestling is much simpler and does not require power or accessories. It is the perfect activity that can be quickly set up for the guests at your fete or festival to enjoy.

You can hire the super hero sumo suits at $240 for 3 hours and contact us for overnight hire.


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