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Inflatable Hires and Games For A Perfect Team Building Day

Team building is a great investment for any corporate looking to have a motivated workforce that can work cohesively towards meeting the goals and objectives of the organization. With such end goals in mind, more and more employers have made team building a regular in their organizations.
Creativity and the need for more engagement have seen team building activities evolve over time. While you may still see rope ladders and bucket balances feature on team building programs, corporates have so much to gain from inflatable hire companies as far as organizing a great team building event.
At Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, we have great deals that will help with your corporate team building activities. We have a wide selection of premier quality products you can choose from for your event. Some of the ideas for that corporate team building day include the following

Adult Bouncy Castles
On these amazing inflatable units, you get to see a new side to everyone as they simply let loose and jump up and down in the bouncing castle. Even the most seemingly inhibited of co-workers can let their playful side show on the incredible moonwalks,
We have combo units with attractive features such giant inflatable slides, basketball and wrestling rings for great fun. Some time on the jumpers is perfect for icebreakers as colleagues who would otherwise never have once spoken, find the opening to start a conversation.
Seeing your seniors having child-like bouncy fun will definitely get you more comfortable and you probably wouldnโ€™t be as scared to approach them.
It is also a great warmer for more activities.

Sumo Wrestling

Team up and gear up for this extreme sport. Choose team members, with each team having members from different departments to allow for more bonding. Sumo suitsย is fun for all the participants and very entertaining for those watching.
Letโ€™s be honest, you will surely never get away with a push and shove against your boss in any other setting. It is also a great opportunity to show Chris, with whom you share an office space that you have some mad talents. That should keep him in check the next time he thinks of sharing his tasteless jokes about your skinny physique. Of course all play is harmless fun and the sumo arena is not a place to settle scores, but the title of sumo champ surely comes with some respect. We have a selection of top quality sumo suits you can book for your next team building camp.

Bungee Running
Team up and take the bungee run challenge. Everyone can be a part of the activity as you turns on the bungee run. Run as fast as you may, the bungee cord will definitely fling you back to the start, but the teams will compete against each other and the one that gets the baton furthest along the lane carries the day as bungee run champions. We have an exciting Sports Bungee Challenge that is perfect for any team building.

Giant Obstacle Courses
We have great obstacle courses that will help participants appreciate the value of synergy, trust, and the ability to communicate properly as part of a team. It is also an amazingly fun and exciting adventure for the participants. As the teams exert themselves into trying to beat the timer, a valuable lesson in time management is definitely something they will walk away with from the challenge.
Giant obstacle courses also have great spectator value and those not playing can bond as they enjoy watching the outdoor fun.

The Gladiator Challenge
We have a fun gladiator duel unit, complete with an arena and gladiator sticks for the ultimate showdown between teams. You can have elimination rounds before the final showdown. Everyone can enjoy playing gladiator and enjoy bonding as they cheer the team members still in the game after elimination.

Team building, the brainchild of organizational psychology is important in cultivating skills such as communication and sharpening problem solving for a cohesive team. At Perth Bouncing Castle Hire, we have great team building packages perfectly suited for different locations and budgets. Call us today, and provide all details including the size of the group and we will provide all you need for the perfect team building event.

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