Cable Management
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Cable Management

FROM $ 25.00

πŸ”Œ Organize Cables Safely with Our Cable Management Solutions!
Simplify cable organization with our limited selection of cable trays and Defender cable matting. These solutions ensure safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles, providing a secure environment in various settings.

🌐 Available Options:

Cable Trays
Defender Cable Matting
🚸 Three-Channel Cable Protectors:

Dimensions: Length 900mm x Width 430mm x Height 55mm
Weight: 10.2kg

Defender Rills Mats:

Dimensions: 10m Length x 1m Width
Elastic Black Rubber Mat
Coarsely Patterned Underside for Stability

πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ Safe Passage for Pedestrians & Vehicles:
Our cable management solutions are designed to ensure safe passage in areas with cables. The three-channel cable protectors offer a sturdy and secure method to cover cables, while Defender Rills Mats provide a robust and elastic surface for pedestrians and vehicles.

πŸ”§ Efficient and Durable:
The cable trays and Defender cable matting are engineered for efficiency and durability. They withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic and vehicle movement while maintaining cable organization and safety.

🏞️ Perfect for Various Environments:
Whether it’s an outdoor event, construction site, or any setting with cable management needs, our solutions offer reliability and security. Enhance safety and order in your space with our cable management options.

πŸ”— Note:
Ensure a safe and organized environment with our cable management solutions. From three-channel cable protectors to Defender Rills Mats, these products provide a reliable means to manage cables while prioritizing safety for pedestrians and vehicles.


Defender Mat: $45 + GST each
3 Channel Protector: $25 + GST per section

SET UP & PACK DOWN (if required): Staff to set up and packdown is priced at an hourly rate.

Great reasons to hire from us:

  • Trusted By Over 1000 Business and People Each and Every Year
  • Over 300 Five Star Reviews
  • Reputation For Excellent Customer Service and Quality Equipment
  • Professional and Trained Operators
  • High Focus On Safety
  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Worksafe Compliant
  • All Electricals Test and Tagged
  • Crash Mats Provided On All Dry Inflatable Set Ups
  • Protective Barriers Set Up Around Blowers and Generators
  • Detailed Safety Checklist Completed By Our Train Staff Upon Every Set Up



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