Document Bins
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Document Bins

FROM $ 35.00

πŸ—„οΈ Secure Document Disposal with Our 240L Document Bin!
Safeguard sensitive information post-event with our 240L document bin, designed specifically for the disposal of confidential documents such as RMP’s, TMP’s, contact lists, photo ID’s, and more. This secure document destruction bin ensures the utmost protection for your sensitive materials.

πŸ“œ Key Features:

240L Capacity
Secure Lid with Manual Lock
Molded Paper Slot for Easy Disposal
Suitable for All DIN Lifting Equipment

πŸ”’ Enhanced Security Measures:
The document bin is equipped with a lock to secure the lid, providing enhanced security for the sensitive documents within. The lock is operated manually with a key, ensuring controlled access and preventing unauthorized handling.

πŸ“‚ Effortless Document Disposal:
The molded paper slot facilitates the easy and efficient disposal of documents, allowing for a seamless process while maintaining security standards.

πŸš› Compatibility with Lifting Equipment:
Designed to be compatible with all DIN lifting equipment, the 240L document bin ensures convenient and standardized handling for efficient disposal operations.

🌐 Post-Event Document Management:
Ideal for post-event document disposal, this bin offers a secure and organized solution for the destruction of sensitive materials, prioritizing data protection and confidentiality.

πŸ” Note:
Prioritize document security with our 240L document bin, featuring a lockable lid, molded paper slot, and compatibility with DIN lifting equipment. Ensure the proper disposal of sensitive documents post-event with this secure document destruction solution.


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