Evacuation Equipment
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Evacuation Equipment

FROM $ 85.00

🚨 Event-Ready Evacuation Sets!
Ensure safety at your events with our evacuation equipment sets for wardens and rangers. Packed in numbered Pelican crates, each set includes 2 powerful megaphones, 2 torches with traffic cones, and 2 traffic wands.

🧳 Portable and Secure:
Housed in durable Pelican crates, our sets are easily transportable, providing event wardens with essential tools for efficient crowd management and evacuation.

πŸ” Quick Tracing Post-Event:
Numbered crates streamline inventory management, ensuring quick tracing and accountability for equipment after the event.

πŸ”Š Clear Communication with Megaphones:
The 25 Watt megaphones deliver clear instructions, crucial for effective communication in crowded event spaces.

πŸ”¦ Illumination and Visibility:
Mag-lite torches with traffic cones enhance visibility in low-light conditions, while traffic wands assist with crowd direction during evacuations.

πŸš₯ Perfect for Events:
Tailored for events, our sets empower your team to manage emergencies seamlessly, prioritizing attendee safety with enhanced communication and visibility tools.

πŸ‘₯ Team Preparedness Simplified:
Equip your event team with these comprehensive sets for quick response and efficient crowd management, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all attendees.


$85 + GST per crate (2 megaphones, 2 Mag-Lites & 2 traffic wands)

Great reasons to hire from us:

  • Trusted By Over 1000 Business and People Each and Every Year
  • Over 300 Five Star Reviews
  • Reputation For Excellent Customer Service and Quality Equipment
  • Professional and Trained Operators
  • High Focus On Safety
  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Worksafe Compliant
  • All Electricals Test and Tagged
  • Crash Mats Provided On All Dry Inflatable Set Ups
  • Protective Barriers Set Up Around Blowers and Generators
  • Detailed Safety Checklist Completed By Our Train Staff Upon Every Set Up



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