Wind Socks
Wind Socks
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Wind Socks

FROM $ 120.00

🎏 Elevate Your Event with Vibrant Wind Socks!
Transform your space with our extensive collection of wind socks, offering hundreds of options in a wide variety of styles. Complete with sectional flag poles and special pole sleeves, these colorful additions bring a festive atmosphere to your event.

🌬️ Diverse Variety:
Choose from an array of wind socks including pennants, tubes, tails, ribbons, spinners, and pillows. Our collection features stars, lightning bolts, spikes, fish, snakes, and more, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every occasion.

🚩 High Visibility with 7m Poles:
Mounted on 7-meter poles, our wind socks are designed to be visible from a long distance. Make a statement and grab attention with these vibrant additions that add flair to your event.

πŸŽ‰ Contribute to a Festive Atmosphere:
Add a touch of celebration to your gathering with our colorful wind socks. Whether it’s a festival, outdoor fair, or special event, these vibrant decorations enhance the overall atmosphere, creating a sense of joy and excitement.

πŸͺ Perfect for Attention-Grabbing Displays:
Elevate your event’s visibility and make a statement with our wind socks. Their dynamic movement and vibrant colors create eye-catching displays, ensuring your event stands out from a distance.

🎊 Note:
Bring life to your event with our lively wind socks that contribute to a festive atmosphere. Choose from our diverse collection and make a lasting impression with these attention-grabbing decorations.


$120 + GST per 7m flag (each flag has 3 wind socks)

SET UP & PACK DOWN (if required): Staff to set up and packdown is priced at an hourly rate.

Great reasons to hire from us:

  • Trusted By Over 1000 Business and People Each and Every Year
  • Over 300 Five Star Reviews
  • Reputation For Excellent Customer Service and Quality Equipment
  • Professional and Trained Operators
  • High Focus On Safety
  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Worksafe Compliant
  • All Electricals Test and Tagged
  • Crash Mats Provided On All Dry Inflatable Set Ups
  • Protective Barriers Set Up Around Blowers and Generators
  • Detailed Safety Checklist Completed By Our Train Staff Upon Every Set Up



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