Zorb Balls with Racing Track

From $ 1,100.00

Let’s Get The Ball Rollin’

Time to get the ball rolling, literally! Enjoy this action-packed game that is perfect for all kinds of private and corporate events.  The zorb ball hire includes between 2 to 4 zorb balls and the inflatable race track. 

Zorbing is a thrilling game for all ages. It’s rolling and bouncing fun all packed into one.  Participants will have a stretch of 65 Ft in racing track length to enjoy, and the first one to get to the finish line will be crowned the zorbing champion. 

 The race track can accommodate two players at any one time. It’s an exciting adventure for the players riding the giant human hamster balls as well as the crowd cheering them along. Everyone will be lining up for a chance to go at it. 

 Add to the fun and thrill and get the adrenaline pumping some more by adding our Ultimate Mechanical Wipeout Ride action to your event.

INCLUDES: Inflatable Race Track

POWER: 1 x 10amp (within 20m from set up location)

SIZE OF TRACK: 20m x 10m

ACCESS: Vehicle access


2 x Zorb Balls and Track: $1100 for 3 hours + $150 per hour (plus GST)

3 x Zorb Balls and Track: $1250 for 3 hours + $180 per hour (plus GST)

4 x Zorb Balls and Track: $1350 for 3 hours + $250 per hour (plus GST)

OPERATION: Includes 1 x Operator

*delivery fee may apply to some areas


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